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About Us

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We take great pride in offering modern dental procedures in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Dr. Xie brings over 20 years of experience in general dental care as well as deep expertise in oral surgery and implants Dr. Linda Xie is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese Our goal is to help you feel at ease and comfortable during our initial consultation which helps answer your questions and to map out any dental treatment to achieve your oral health goals. Book your appointment today!

See what they say about us!

I would like to commend the Mirror Dentistry team; Ola, Jack, Sarah and Regina. From the moment you walk through the door, you can be rest assured that you would be walking out with an awesome smile. No pain just smiles. Jack and Ola will always ensure that you don’t miss any appointments. Dr. Xie rocks!

Jack, he made sure that all my dental concerns were taken care of. He’s very patient also an active listener. He answers all my questions I have, unless it’s something he doesn’t know. He’ll have to ask Antonio about then get back to me right away or a call back. He’s very professional at what he does and very welcoming. He always has a smile when you see him. The entire staff are very professional and polite. They’re my favourite people. The dental visits are worth it. Getting the teeth looked at, they make your whole mouth is numb. You don’t feel a thing when the Dr is working on you. One of the things I like about this office unlike other dental offices I’ve too.

Dr Linda Xie and her team are outstanding! She is smart and on top of her game.She takes pride in the work she does! I FINALLY found a dentist that brought some relief from TMJ pain that I have been experiencing for many years. Her dental work is done to Perfectionism. It not only looks great, but most importantly it feels amazing!

Sara works front end/reception area, I can honestly say she ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable and welcome!

Insurance, I think is another one of the toughest things about going to the dentist! Filling forms, sending them in, not sure if I have the proper coverage. Jack is amazing at this. He works HARD to make sure all the money I have with insurance is spend properly. I feel worry FREE knowing Jack is taking care of the insurance end!

I HIGHLY recommend this Dental Office!

Thank you again Dr Xie and her amazing team!