March 20 Covid-19 Update

No staff from MirrorDental attended the Pacific Dental Conference which occurred March 5-7 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The Alberta Dental Association and College has released the following statement: ” Alberta Dental Association and College announced a mandatory stoppage of all non-emergency dental treatment. The intent of this is to facilitate social distancing and help prevent people from contracting the COVID19 virus. By doing this we help to reduce the risk of a spike in severely ill patients in our hospitals. It is not a shut-down or closure of dental offices. The Alberta Dental Association and College still expects the dentists of Alberta to provide treatment for dental emergencies. It also expects dentists in the province to provide access to care and continuity of care. To have dental patients showing up in hospital emergency rooms for a dental emergency is the opposite of what is desirable. As the President of the ADA&C and a fellow practicing dentist I urge all of our membership to continue to fulfill their responsibilities in this time of pandemic crisis. It is the time for us to serve our patients and community and our fellow healthcare workers by doing our part. Please continue to treat dental emergencies following the protocols that have been set out.”

More information about Alberta Dentists and the Coronavirus can be found here:

For those dental hygienists who choose to continue to provide treatment, the following IPC guidelines are highly recommended:

  • Eliminate or reduce aerosols produced by ultrasonic scaling and all forms of polishing
  • Screen each patient prior to their appointment or visit, both when confirming an appointment andin the office
  • Follow all personal protective equipment practices, including wearing the appropriate face masks,gowns and face shields
  • Utilize the appropriate level of masks for the procedure selected. If the necessary masks are notavailable, do not proceed with the treatment.
  • More details can be located here:

MirrorDentistry will continue to provide the best care possible and follow all CDA&C Guidelines and recommendations.

Responding to Coronavirus

As we all continue to monitor the coronavirus situation very closely, we wanted to reach out and share the actions that MirrorDentistry is taking to keep our office, our employees, and the Edmonton community at large safe and clean for you. We are committed to delivering the MirrorDentistry experience you know and love in an environment that promotes and protects the well-being of all its Patients and Staff.

As a medical office, we have always been extremely vigilant in keeping our facility, rooms and instruments sterilized to industry standards or above. We have two full time sterilization technicians on staff and our office is cleaned thoroughly every evening and constantly throughout the day between patients.

We have always been aware that there are several other bacterial and viral infections that can be easily transmitted and have always taken the steps necessary to eliminate this possibility. 

Hygiene standards for our patients, office environment, products, and tools are and will always be a top priority. However, as the situation continues to evolve in Canada, we have taken additional actions to ensure our entire organization is here to serve you in the safest way possible. All office employees have been trained to uphold and practice these measures, and we are closely following the latest guidance from the CDC, WHO, local governments, and public health agencies.

Safety is MirrorDentistry top priority and we are committed to providing our guests and staff a safe work environment. The health risk at this time remains low for the Edmonton region. MirrorDentistry continues to monitor the situation closely. We are prepared to navigate these challenging circumstances with everyone’s safety in mind. 

Mission & Vision

MirrorDentistry supports and follows ADA&C framework to provide patients with personalized, ethical and trustworthy dental care.

We strive to achieve a world where everyone has the best possible dental health due to a lifetime of trust between patients and dental professionals.

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